Samuel Cheung


Tristan Liu

加拿大移民法律顾问持牌人/中国执业律师。复旦大学法学硕士,在LG等跨国大企业从事资产并购法务工作多年,中国商业律师,加拿大法律/移民专家。 主要业务范围:移民及难民;民事;留学;各类认证。

Jeremy Liu

安省民事商务持拍法律顾问。15年从业经验。2007年4岳至今,处理过四百件不同族裔顾客的保险索赔和侵权代理。于多年的学习和办案实践中,深韵西方判例法(Jur isprudence)之精髓及加拿大司法程序(Tribunal Practice and Procedure)。主要业务范围:广泛涉猎商务投资,民事诉讼和保险法领域。专注人身伤害(Personal Injury)方面的保险理赔及侵权诉讼。

Gabby Lin


Lome Gross (古若诗)

著名商业法律律师。拥有牛津大学工商管理硕士学位,Osgoode Hall法律学位,伦敦大学中国研究硕士学位。针对亚洲理念和商业以及企业战略和公共政策等等方面的主题发表演说。



Justin Chan

Justin Chan majored in Criminology at the University of Toronto. He received a Master in Public Administration at Queen’s University and attended the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, graduating with Honours. Justin articled in Toronto with a national business law firm, helping defend corporate and individual clients being investigated for financial crimes. Thereafter, Justin transitioned into working as a per diem Crown prosecutor and criminal Duty Counsel.
Justin focuses on trial work before the Ontario Provincial and Superior Courts. When at work Justin is either in court fighting for his clients or at the office advising them. His goal is to secure the best result possible for his clients. When not at work, Justin is dedicated to supporting local communities. He is currently a Director on the Board of Kapisanan, a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to arts and culture for Filipino Canadian youth.